Understanding Storage Requirements

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How A Storage Facility Helps Turn Your Hobby Into A Business

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If you make items at home that you've realized you can sell, then you may have come to the conclusion that selling them online is a great way to do this. You can make a website, put up good pictures and descriptions of your items, bag and label them, and sell them online. You want to have a good supply of items in stock. This way, when they sell, you can get them right into the hands of the customers without them needing to wait for you to make what they ordered. This is where a storage unit can come in. You may need a place to store your items because they are starting to take up too much space. You can rent from a self-storage facility that will have different types for you to choose from. This means you get what will work best for your situation. You can learn more here: 

Renting your unit is very simple

Once you realize your items should be put in storage until they sell, you can easily rent a good space for them. As soon as you know you want a storage unit, you can get one without hassles. The steps to rent a storage unit from a facility generally include: 

  • Determining the size and type of unit you need with the help of staff or with online tools

  • Filling out a short rental agreement

  • Deciding on a payment method and how you will pay in the future

  • Making your first month's payment

  • Purchasing a lock for the unit

  • Moving your items into your storage unit at your convenience

  • Putting your lock on the unit and keep the key where it won't get lost

A storage facility can offer you some of the following types of units: 

  • Many sizes of units - Storage facilities can offer many sizes of units

  • Upstairs units - Some storage facilities have upstairs units that run cheaper

  • Inside storage - Inside storage generally offers climate-control

  • Climate-controlled units - If you want climate control, ask for a unit that offers it

  • Outside units - Outside units have doors that open to the wide open outside space

  • Drive-up units - Drive-up units have large roll-up doors you can pull a vehicle up to

  • RV storage - An RV storage unit will have tall doors and an open area RVs can navigate

  • 24-hour storage - Many storage facilities offer 24/7 access to your storage unit


When you rent the right storage unit, you can move your creations right in. You can be very organized, so you can run into the unit and grab what has sold quickly.

Contact a storage facility like Gator Storage to learn more.