Understanding Storage Requirements

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Self-Storage Units Are Handy For All Types Of Personal Storage For The Short Or Long-Term

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Self-storage units come in handy for different things. You may need to rent a unit at various points in your life. Since they have flexible rental periods, you can rent a unit just for a month or for the long term.

If you've never rented a self-storage unit before, you may wonder what it's like. Here's what renting a storage unit involves and what to expect.

You Can Find Indoor And Outdoor Storage

Storage units are available inside a large building or outside and placed beside each other. The indoor units often have climate control. Plus, the halls are usually well lit so you can see inside your unit when you visit.

You probably won't find a self-storage unit that has lights inside or outlets, but if power is important to you, it doesn't hurt to call around and ask various facilities if their units have power.

An outdoor unit may fit your needs if you'll want to get in your unit outside of business hours. Plus, you can drive up and park right next to your outdoor unit, and that makes unloading more convenient.

You Need Your Own Lock

You are responsible for the security of your belongings, so you'll need a strong lock that can't be opened by a thief easily. The storage facility might have appropriate locks for sale, or you might buy one from a locksmith so you know your belongings will be as safe as possible.

You Might Want Your Own Pest Control

A storage unit is vulnerable to pests since bugs might squeeze in through cracks you don't even see. The storage facility may have routine pest control treatments to keep bugs and rodents away. However, you might want to provide your own pest control just to be safe.

This might involve putting down glue traps to catch insects and using diatomaceous earth powder to kill bugs that get inside. This could also save you from taking home spiders that might be hiding in the boxes.

You'll Probably Want An Organizational System

If you stuff things in trash bags and boxes randomly, you'll never find what you want quickly when you come back to get them. If your things will be in storage for a long time, you'll forget where everything is unless you organize your unit.

This could be as simple as labeling all the boxes to bringing in storage drawers, shelves, and clothes racks. A self-storage unit is more convenient to use if you organize it like an extension of your home. Plus, your things will be in order so it's easier to put them away when you take them back home.