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Solid Reasons Painters Should Rely On Paint Tray Carts

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If you paint on a regular basis -- whether it's a profession or just a hobby -- you need all the painting supplies and equipment that you can get. One in particular that can make a huge difference in your painting operations is a paint tray cart. With it, you can do a couple of important things.

Support Paint Cans 

When you're painting a large surface, you may have to move paint cans on a consistent basis. If they're full of paint, this can be a physically demanding task. When you invest in a paint tray cart, you aren't forced into doing this ever again.

These trays have a designated area for paint cans where they'll remain secure at all times. The paint can holder is right next to the paint tray, which makes it easy to dump paint inside the tray without creating a stressful mess.

Casters Make Movement More Refined 

One of the most important components of paint tray carts is the swivel casters that are on the bottom. They'll make it very easy to move paint and paint cans that are set up for a project.

The casters can glide smoothly and turn in every direction. That will make a huge difference when trying to move this cart around tight areas. Since these casters do move in a smooth fashion over a wide variety of surfaces, you can avoid paint spilling out of the tray or the can that you have set up.

Disposable Tray Liners

After you put paint in a tray and it has had time to sit, you don't want to use the liner again. Fortunately, paint tray carts usually come with disposable tray liners that you can just trash after your paint project comes to an end.

Rather than using the same liner and having your paints combine and thus not turn out as great, you can simply throw the liner away and make way for a new liner to hold paint for a new project that you complete in the future. Such a disposable design saves you time and keeps your paints pure.

Painting can involve a lot of steps, but you'll be less stressed about them when you rely on paint tray carts. They make it much easier to move paint around and apply it to surfaces thanks to the many helpful features that they come with out of the box. 

Check out a local painting equipment service to learn more about paint tray carts.