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3 Types Of Storage Centers And How To Match A Storage Facility With Your Needs

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If you're moving or just decluttering your home, you may need to put your things in a storage facility. There are different types of storage centers to choose from, so you can find the type that matches your needs. Here's a look at three types of storage facilities and when you might want to use each type.

1. Portable Storage

With portable storage, the company brings a container to your home so you can pack it up. They pick the container up when you're ready, store it, and then return it when you want to unpack the container. This is a good option if you want the convenience of packing the container at your own speed when you plan to move. You'll also be able to unpack at your leisure so you don't have a lot of boxes crowding your house.

The downside to portable storage is you can't visit your things to get seasonal items out or retrieve something you want. If you want to access your belongings, a different type of storage facility would meet your needs better.

2. Indoor Storage

When you rent space at an indoor storage unit, you have to move your belongings yourself and pack the unit. Some storage facilities might offer help with moving, but it's likely you'll have to do the work yourself. An advantage of choosing indoor storage is that these units often come with climate control.

Climate control isn't always necessary, but some things, such as wood, fabric, metal, and electronics store better in conditions where the temperature and humidity are controlled. Another advantage of indoor storage is that these units might have better security since they're inside a building, and you may have to pass through a security point to enter. If you want climate control and the best security, an indoor storage facility might be a good choice for you.

3. Individual Self-Storage Units

Individual self-storage units are a popular option, and they can be used for long-term storage when you won't see your things for months, or you can visit your unit daily if you need to keep supplies in storage for your work.

These units are easy to use since you can drive right up to the unit and the door rolls up to allow plenty of room for loading and unloading. You can often visit one of these storage facilities any time you want, which is convenient if you need to pick up work supplies early in the morning or return them late at night.

While all the storage units are outside of a building and in rows of individual rooms, there is usually plenty of security on the grounds to keep your belongings safe. This type of storage facility could be ideal for your needs no matter why you want to keep your things in storage.

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