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Do You Need a Place for Your Adult Kid's Belongings?

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Are you shaking your head and asking yourself how you still have your kids' stuff even though they've already left the house? Maybe your children already have their own homes or maybe they're still in college or trade school. Are you looking for ideas on how to remedy your clutter situation? If so, from having a de-junk day during the holidays to arranging for self-storage rental, here are some ideas that might help you.

Plan a Holiday De-Junking Day 

Will your adult children be home for the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays? If that's the case, let them know ahead of time that you have reserved half a day for them to go through everything they have left at your house. Have sturdy plastic bags and large cardboard containers ready for things that will be given to a charity group or placed in trash bins. 

Also, buy see-through plastic containers that they will later hold belongings that they want to keep. Let your adult children know that you will be responsible for their belongings until a certain date, say a year from now. After that date, they'll have to make plans of their own for what they'll do with things they don't take home with them now. 

Arrange for Self Storage Rental 

Maybe you literally don't have any room for even the storage bins and other things that your kids are leaving behind. Perhaps your attic has reached its capacity with your own belongings. Have you considered getting a self-storage rental? It could hold the plastic containers that hold your children's belongings and much more. For example, maybe you have been saving baby furniture for whenever your children have babies of their own. Those pieces of furniture would be totally safe in a rented storage unit.

Store some of your own belongings in the rental unit, too. For instance, maybe you don't use your canoe as much as you used to, but you aren't willing to part with it now. It could be that you use your bicycles only during warmer months. If so, why let them take up space in your garage during these upcoming cold months? 

Storing your belongings and your kids' belongings will probably be a lot less expensive than you thought it would be. And, remember, you can get to the stored things any time you want to. Learn more by contacting services like LoDo Self Storage & Moving Center.