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How To Prevent Items From Becoming Damaged In Self-Storage

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If you are using self-storage to hold on to some items until you need them again, the hope will be that they are not damaged when that time comes. That's why it helps to know some tips for how to ensure that items are not damaged in self-storage.

Use Silica Gel To Protect Electronics

Do you know those little packets that come with new electronics that say they are harmful to eat? Those packets called silica gel, and they play an important role in preventing electronics from becoming damaged. They work by absorbing moisture in the air and have the capability of absorbing a lot of it. If there is moisture in the storage unit because it is outdoors, know that you can throw some silica gel packets into the boxes with electronics to prevent moisture from getting on the components. Moisture can cause metal components to rust if left on electronics, which will cause them to become damaged without those silica gel packets.

Keep Belongings Off The Floor

If a huge storm come through town, the items in your storage unit may be the last thing on your mind. Water can come in through the bottom of an outdoor storage unit, causing items to get wet that you thought would stay dry. It is always a good idea to elevate items off the ground to prevent this from happening. It may be as simple as resting some boards on the ground that are supported by bricks, which will give a few inches of protection from water along the bottom of the unit. You can also collect some old pallets that will create a similar effect. Keeping items a few inches off the ground can give you some piece of mind that everything is protected.

Use Sealed Plastic Containers

Sealed plastic containers provide a great defense from both water and pests. If water gets into the unit, these plastic bins are going to protect everything is inside them. If you have pests that find their way into your storage unit, those pests are not going to be able to get through the plastic walls of the containers. It will help ensure some things stay protected and won't have damage from pests later.

Use Wood Polish On Wood Furniture

Anything made from wood can benefit from having the surface polished before going into storage. It will give the wood a layer of protection from dust, moisture, and anything else that would otherwise cause the wood to become damaged. At the very least, it will help ensure that the wood items come out of storage looking good.