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Putting Antiques In A Storage Unit? Follow These Tips

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If you have too many antiques to keep in your home, you may wish to keep some of them in a storage unit. But while a good storage facility can be a safe place to store your antiques, there are a few precautions to take during this process to make sure your items stay safe.

Look for Good Security

Chances are, your antiques are worth more than the average couch and spare linens that most people store in storage units. You don't want them to be stolen by someone who knows their worth and is out to make a few bucks. So choose a storage facility that is known for having good security. One with cameras facing the doors of each unit is a good choice. Also make sure there's a manned office on-site. Criminals are less likely to target storage facilities with on-site management.

Pay for Climate Control

It costs a couple more dollars per month to get a climate-controlled storage unit, but it's so worth the extra cost. You don't have to worry about changes in moisture or temperature causing damage to your antiques. Since many antiques are made, at least in part, from wood, leather, or linen, they tend to be sensitive to climate change and do much better in a consistent environment.

Wrap Items In Ink-Free Paper

Wrapping up your items before placing them in a box is a good way to keep them safe. But make sure you use ink-free paper rather than using free newspaper. The ink on newspaper can easily transfer to your items when they're in storage for a longer period of time, and this may ruin the items completely or at least reduce their value. 

Don't Stack Boxes With Breakable Items

It's amazing how a stack of boxes that seemed stable can come tumbling down if someone bumps into it in just the right way. If the items in the top box are breakable, one tumble can cost you thousands of dollars! So label the boxes that contain fragile items, and do not stack those boxes. Even on the bottom of a stack, the other boxes put pressure on them and might break your antiques.

With the tips above, your antiques should emerge from storage unharmed and in good condition. Remember to pack each box carefully, label everything clearly, and make sure your items are insured in case something does happen.