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How A Mini Storage Unit Can Help With Christmas Donations

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With the Christmas season upcoming, there are a lot of people and organizations that are interested in starting up Christmas donations. Donations can be food for families as well as toys and presents for those who have low incomes. If you and your friends or organization are interested in donating for Christmas, you will need a space to keep and store the donated items. Here are a few ways that a mini storage unit is a perfect acquisition during the Christmas season:

You can wrap gifts without prying eyes

If you and any of the people in your organization have children at home, you know how hard it can be to wrap and prepare gifts without them looking for their own. Younger children may desire to get into presents before you can put them away. By getting a mini storage unit, you can store the gifts and the wrapping paper inside of the storage unit. You can choose to wrap the gifts in the unit, then place them on a shelf in order to keep them safe until they are handed out. 

The storage can be an organization write off

Having a central location to store items is a better idea than having everyone from the organization have to split the belongings between their homes. Your mini storage, whether a long-term or short-term rental, can be a tax write off for your business. Since it will be used directly for the items that relate to your business, you will get the chance to write off the use of the storage unit on your taxes. This will help cut down on organizational costs over the court of the year and allow you to ramp up your giving during the Christmas season. 

There is a central location to meet for loading gifts

For organizations that collect a lot of gifts, there may be several people and vehicles needed to load the gifts and take them to the designated give away area. If you are hosting an event for families where the gifts will be picked up, your organization can meet at the storage unit to load the gifts, then drive over as a team. If the items will be shipped, you can collect them on a trolley and take them at once or schedule a pickup with the post office. Once the holiday season is done, you can close the mini storage unit or keep it open for other organizational needs.  

Contact a company where you can rent mini storage units for more information and assistance.