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Using Portable Mini Storage During A Home Remodel

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Remodeling your home can result in a lot of disruptions to your day-to-day routine, and you may find that you don't have enough room to keep your furniture and other items in the house during the remodeling process. A portable mini storage unit offers a smart solution to this problem. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind as you begin planning your remodeling project:

Arrange For Delivery In Advance

You'll want the storage unit on your property at least a few days before your remodeling project begins. This will help to ensure your furniture and personal items are out of the way when your contractors arrive. Be sure to have space outside of your home ready for the unit. This may require you to clear out items from your backyard, such as bicycles, toys, or gardening tools.

Organize Your Items

Take some time to box up small items so the boxes can be stacked neatly in the storage unit. Measure your furniture so you can determine how to arrange the larger items in the unit, and draw out a diagram so you know where everything should go. If you aren't able to move everything on your own, you can hire a local moving company to assist you. Label each box you put in the unit so you can quickly unpack.

Keep Security In Mind

If your storage unit doesn't come with a padlock, invest in a padlock. This gives you a way to keep your items secured inside during the remodel. You may also want to make sure that the storage unit is placed near a well-lit area in your backyard to help deter potential thieves. Installing motion sensor lights can be a great permanent security option for your yard, and having the self-storage unit can be the motivation you need to install these lights.

Send The Unit Back Full

When your remodeling project is over and you've moved everything back into your home, consider using your portable mini storage unit to help declutter your home. Take some time to pack away old items you don't use very often, and re-pack the unit with these boxes. Arrange with the storage company to have the mini storage unit picked up and brought back to the storage facility.

With a portable mini storage unit, you get the storage space you need without having to rent a moving van. You can keep everything stored neatly on your property until your remodeling project is complete.

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